Industrial rights notice

The operator of the website draws the visitors’ attention to the fact that the products published on the website for the purpose of sale, among other things, are protected by industrial rights and are registered trademarked products.

If anyone uses them without the right holder’s permission, in particular, but not exclusively, makes it appear that he/she/they does not come from the right holder, or if he/she copies/improperes him/her/them, even in part, for the purpose of indirect/direct commercial gain, not only in full at the same, but confusingly similar level, even under a different brand name (!) may in any case entail civil and/or criminal consequences in addition to the imposition of legal and procedural costs on the unauthorized user!

Character and/or trademark infringement is punishable by law and our representative ( will take action against it! We ask the visitors of the website to observe the rules of fair competition, visit the website in good faith, and buy the trademarked products protected by industrial law protection!