Premium Sweetener, 500g

3,990 Ft

Vegan│ SugarFree │ Gluten Free

Home delivery: 890 HUF │ Free deliver over 20.000 HUF

9 times sweeter than the traditional erythritol.


Erythritol,  sucralose.

Premium sweetener is an erythritol and sucralose-based tabletop sweetener.


Erythritol is a natural sugar alcohol. In small amount it can be found in mushrooms, pears, melons, grapes, and foods prepared by fermentation: in wine, soy sauce, cheese.

As the most sugar alcohol, it is used as a sweetener. Its taste is cooling and sweet. It has no after-taste. It can be well combined with other sweeteners.

Similarly to other sugar alcohol it does not cause dental caries because bacteria of the mouth cannot process it. It inhibits the growth of fungi so people on candida diet can also consume it.



It is thermostable (it does not become bitter by the influence of heat, it does not decompose), it does not have unpleasant aftertaste. When digested it is cleared from the body so it can be regarded as calorie free.